Littell Bordeaux

Congratulations New Dogue Owners

Sharlon & Matilda

Casey & Dozer


 Proud Owners of Baloo


Proud Owner of Zena

Proud Owner of Bobby



 Proud owner of Busa


                                                               Proud owners of "Moto"

Proud owner of Neo


 Proud owners of "DB"


Proud owners of Barkley

 Proud owner of Ace

Proud owners of Jaque


Proud owner of Mekala

Proud owners of Ezekiel

Proud Owners of Red Mo

 Thanks to everyone who has chosen us to provide you with your puppy. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! If you purchased a puppy form us and our picture is not on here; and you would like to have it posted send us a picture of you and your puppy. We would love to add you to "our "Happy Douge Owners" page.